Flexible and Wearable Sensors: Materials, Technologies, and Challenges

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Flexible and Wearable Sensors: Materials, Technologies, and ChallengesНазвание: Flexible and Wearable Sensors: Materials, Technologies, and Challenges
Автор: Ram K. Gupta
Издательство: CRC Press
Год: 2023
Страниц: 381
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 38.3 MB

With rapid technological developments and lifestyle advancements, electronic sensors are being seamlessly integrated into many devices. This comprehensive handbook explores current, state-of-the-art developments in flexible and wearable sensor technology and its future challenges.

Numerous recent efforts have improved the sensing capability and functionality of flexible and wearable sensors. However, there are still many challenges in making them super-smart by incorporating features such as self-power, self-healing, and multifunctionality. These features can be developed with the use of multifunctional nanostructured materials, unique architectural designs, and other advanced technologies. This book provides details about the recent advancements, materials, and technologies used for flexible and wearable sensors. Its wide range of topics addresses the fundamentals of flexible and wearable sensors, their working principles, and their advanced applications.

Wearable sensing devices, as the name suggests, are merged into wearable items or directly with the body to aid in the surveillance of health and/or provide clinically valuable data for therapy. Because many illnesses and impairments require constant monitoring in today’s world, patient monitoring for prompt intervention is critical. As a result, using wireless body sensor networks to monitor patients is one of the most significant fields of applications of wearable technology in the healthcare profession. Patient monitoring is extremely sensitive and vital during epidemic occurrences or emergency medical service situations. In these cases, immediate patient monitoring allows the medical team to take the appropriate actions as soon as possible. Patient monitoring alerts caregivers to potentially dangerous situations, and most of these systems use physiological input data to control support items directly. In any case, given the current global situation, smart wearable sensing devices for patient checking can be a revolution in the fight against diseases. Most studies in this field relied on rigid electrical devices produced on semiconductor electronics platforms until about a decade ago. Wearable sensing devices that utilize stretchable and flexible electronics have recently gained a lot of interest.

This handbook provides new directions to scientists, researchers, and students to better understand the principles, technologies, and applications of sensors in healthcare, energy, and the environment.

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