Passive Radars on Moving Platforms

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Passive Radars on Moving PlatformsНазвание: Passive Radars on Moving Platforms
Автор: Diego Cristallini, Daniel W. O’Hagan
Издательство: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Год: 2023
Страниц: 335
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 44.2 MB

This book collects, reviews and analyses recent research on passive radars on moving platforms. The special case of passive radar mounted on moving platforms is highly challenging. Firstly, because the typical radar applications performed from moving platforms are per se quite challenging. Secondly, because the signals of opportunity typically exploited for passive radar purposes are not designed for reception while in motion.

Passive Radars on Moving Platforms is intended for both passive radar experts and readers less familiar with the general topic of passive radar; thus, background information is provided in the first three chapters. The following block of chapters 4 to 9 are specifically focused on research activities conducted by different research groups worldwide. Chapter 8 and chapter 9 relate mostly to operational systems, providing the reader with some hints and considerations on multiple receiving channel calibration (chapter 8), and on hardware realization of radar systems based on the software defined radio (SDR) principle (chapter 9). The concluding chapter 10 offers some outlook on what passive radar could look like in the near future, namely a component of a bigger architecture usually referred to as system of systems (SoS). Additionally, results of on-going activities related to new potential illuminators of opportunity for passive radar are covered.

Passive radar, known also as passive coherent location (PCL), has been one of the most rapidly developing fields in radar technology over the last three decades. The low cost nature of PCL has resulted in strong interest from a significant number of companies and research institutions. As a result, many passive radar demonstrators and commercial products have been developed. Existing passive radar systems utilize various types of signals that illuminate targets of interest. The most popular signals used by modern passive demonstrators are: FM radio, DAB radio, analog and digital television (DVB-T), GSM networks, and WiFi signals. The majority of passive radars are stationary, ground-based systems dedicated to the detection and tracking of airborne targets. The last decade of PCL systems development has led this technology toward a state of relative maturity for ground-based operation. These developments have prompted the research focused specifically on passive radar on a moving platform.

Providing a thorough overview of techniques, challenges and applications that are enabled when a passive radar is operated from a moving platform, this book will be of interest to radar engineers, researchers into radar design, and the wider radar signal processing community.

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