IT Controlling: From IT cost and activity allocation to smart controlling

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IT Controlling: From IT cost and activity allocation to smart controllingНазвание: IT Controlling: From IT cost and activity allocation to smart controlling
Автор: Andreas Gadatsch
Издательство: Springer
Год: 2023
Страниц: 180
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub
Размер: 25.9 MB

IT controlling is an interdisciplinary subfield of business informatics. IT controlling is established as a tool for controlling information technology. The job description of the IT controller has changed only moderately over a long period of time. It was mainly associated with IT budgeting, IT portfolio management, IT cost planning, accounting and controlling. However, digitalization has brought movement in goals, contents and methods. New topics such as digital strategy management, cloud controlling, data science, etc. are being discussed. The task profile is changing away from pure IT cost analysis to the management of the digitization strategy with a focus on strategic IT portfolio management. Some voices are already talking about "smart controlling" or "digital controlling".

Today, digitization has become not a question of “if” but of “how” and “with what.” Current topics such as agile software development, data science, and cloud computing are established in practice and must be taken up by IT controlling. Whereas the original focus was on the recording, allocation, and analysis of IT costs, portfolio management is now becoming increasingly important as part of a digital strategy. Digital business models and IT are growing together. Even if many employees in IT controlling still spend a lot of time planning and monitoring IT budgets, the changes in the job description are becoming certain. The book has therefore been fundamentally revised. It is intended to provide students at universities and employees in practice with a guideline for a modern IT controlling concept.

This book presents an IT controlling concept for the digital age and explains the relevant methods in a practical way.

1. Digitization: Changing Framework Conditions in Work and Society
2. IT Controlling Concept: General Conditions, Basics and Central Terms
3. From IT Strategy to Digital Strategy: From Classic IT Strategy to Digital Strategy
4. Control of the IT Strategy with the Balanced Scorecard: Implementing and Managing IT Strategies and Digital Strategies
5. IT Portfolio Management: Manage IT Project Selection
6. IT Investment Calculation and Total Cost of Ownership Analysis: IT Standards as a Tool for IT Controlling
7. IT Standards: IT Standards as a Tool for IT Controlling
8. Project Controlling with Earned Value Analysis: Plan, Monitor and Control Projects
9. IT Cost and Activity Accounting (IT-KLR): Numbers for Rational Decisions
10. IT Sourcing Controlling: Outsourcing of IT Services
11. IT Key Figure Based Reporting: IT Key Figures: Basis for Reporting
12. Exercises: Examination Exercises for Training

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