Employee-Centric IT: Advancing the Digital Era Through Extraordinary IT Experience

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Employee-Centric IT: Advancing the Digital Era Through Extraordinary IT ExperienceНазвание: Employee-Centric IT: Advancing the Digital Era Through Extraordinary IT Experience
Автор: Mark Ghibril
Издательство: Apress
Год: 2023
Страниц: 120
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 10.2 MB

Global surveys from McKinsey, BCG, Gartner, and others show that less than 30% of digital transformation programs succeed in their missions to improve a company’s performance and employee productivity. This is due to the fact that IT efforts within the company do not center around the employee. This book will provide concrete steps to allow both IT professionals and business leaders to transform the way they deliver IT to employees – with the employee (the human) centered in their transformation.

The concepts, models, checklists, and playbook you'll review are based on the author's many years of experience, lessons learned, and proven outcomes. IT organizations want to improve their employee experience but don’t know how and this is the “must have” book for those who don’t know where to start. More than two-thirds of today’s jobs require good digital and IT skills from employees. The expectations of management, who invest in these big digital transformations, is that the employees will become more productive, effective and help the bottom line. However, this can only happen through active and proactive change of IT operations and transformations that center the employee, rather than technology or senior management.

This book reveals the benefit of moving towards an approach where employees gain technology aptitude, are up for technology change, and are willing to learn more for their benefit and even provide feedback on ways to improve these tools, trainings and support. You'll see how employee engagement and experience research, concepts, and implementations are growing rapidly across many organizations and taking a key role in their global strategies. Employee-centric IT will transform employees to own their digital literacy and development, and this in turn reduces or even eliminates the shadow IT need and allows the organization to drive and implement successful digital transformation.

What You'll Learn:

Understand the value of being employee-centric in IT departments versus current models
Take steps to win IT team’s acceptance of the changes needed to achieve employee-centricity
Be proactive in providing training & information on digital & productivity tools

Who This Book Is For:
Business leaders, IT and digital leaders as well as IT employees who would like to transform their current IT and Digital teams to be more employee centric and drive highest level of value, adoption and satisfaction for their IT/digital programs, transformations and investment.

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