Drawing Product Ideas: Fast and Easy UX Drawing for Anyone

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Drawing Product Ideas: Fast and Easy UX Drawing for AnyoneНазвание: Drawing Product Ideas: Fast and Easy UX Drawing for Anyone
Автор: Kent Eisenhuth
Издательство: Wiley
Год: 2023
Страниц: 210
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 21.9 MB

Explore straightforward drawing skills to help you communicate product ideas exponentially faster than you could with text.

In Drawing Product Ideas: Fast and Easy UX Drawing for Anyone, RSA Fellow and Google Data Visualization Lead , Kent Eisenhuth delivers a new and exciting guide to effectively communicating product ideas by drawing just two simple things: boxes and lines! In the book, you'll learn why drawing is important and how it supports the design thinking process. You'll also discover how to build your drawing toolkit by exploring your own personal drawing style.

The author also includes:

Strategies for how to use your drawing to support your solutions to real-world problems
Tips and tricks for applying your new drawing skills in a workshop setting, in real-time
An illuminating foreword by the celebrated Manuel Lima, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Repeatedly, I see designers jumping straight to the latest digital tool, enamored by its shiny new features, without thinking deeply about what they are creating in the first place and considering the various interdependent parts that make up their grand idea. This can lead to a lot of wasted time. Using pen and paper is not just important to think through scenarios before committing to a solution, it is often the most liberating step in your iteration process. If you don’t allow yourself this key step, your idea becomes immediately conditioned by the tool’s capabilities. I’m often asked what tool I recommend for design and data visualization. The answer is always obvious: pen and paper.

Kent’s book is a fabulous guide in this context. It teaches us how to bring the pen and paper back into the lives of user experience designers and digital product creators. Whether you are developing a new user interface for a website, mobile application, service, TV system, or game console, this book will be instrumental for you to structure and articulate your ideas while building your own combinatorial visual language. In the process, not only will you save countless hours redoing wireframes and final interface mocks, but you will also discover the true power of an unconstrained creative mind.

An essential volume for engineers, researchers, and product managers, Drawing Product Ideas is also an indispensable blueprint for anyone seeking to improve their public, ad-hoc drawing skills.

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