FreeCAD for Makers

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Название: FreeCAD for Makers
Автор: Andrew Gregory
Издательство: Liz Upton
Год: 2022
Страниц: 103
Формат: PDF
Размер: 42 Mб
Язык: Английский

FreeCAD is the number one free software 3D design program, and this PDF guide is the best way to get started with it. We’ll take you from absolute beginnner to advanced user, going from the basics of drawing a line and making it 3D all the way to parametric design, importing objects from photographs, designing for sheet metal, and loads more.

Because FreeCAD is free software, its users can add to it, writing extensions to the software to suit their needs. These add-ons, known as workbenches, cover a range of uses, including PCB design, pipes, timber-framing, architectural design… the list of practical use cases goes on and on. So, whatever you’re interested in building, you’ll find a FreeCAD workbench for it

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