101 Midjourney Prompt Secrets

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101 Midjourney Prompt SecretsНазвание: 101 Midjourney Prompt Secrets: Packed with AI Art Image Ideas. Vol.1
Автор: Marcus Byrne
Издательство: Independently published
Год: 2023
Страниц: 112
Язык: английский
Формат: epub (true)
Размер: 19.3 MB

101 Midjourney Prompt Secrets is a must have resource for anyone interested in creating visually striking AI Art in Midjourney with ease.

Become a prompt master by following over 100 Prompt Secrets where you can tweak to make your own. There are 101 to be exact. Packed with stunning images with corresponding prompts to copy. The stunning images are carefully crafted with descriptive language to establish the tone and style of each image. Variables within the prompts can be altered to generate new and unique images. Simply copy and paste the prompts into Discord and replace the word or sentence in the brackets[variable] with a subject of your choice. Now watch the magic happen. Learn how to communicate with AI by following the prompts and tweaking the variable to make your own unique images. Instantly create stunning digital art for your projects, presentations, publications, album covers, band posters and book covers.

Midjourney is an AI-powered tool that converts text into unique images. It allows users to enter a prompt and the AI generates a new image based on the language input. Midjourney really stands out from other AI options due to its flexibility, allowing for multiple algorithms and custom parameters to generate a variety of images.

Subjects include
• Illustrations
• Portrait
• Landscape
• Line art
• Industrial and Architectural Design
• 3D Character
• Science Fiction
• Fantasy and Abstract Concepts
• Animals and Insects
• Low Poly Illustrations
• Ink drawings
• Photography Techniques
• Rendering Styles

Why choose this book?
Marcus Byrne is a highly awarded digital post production specialist and visual storyteller. Originally from Ireland. He now resides in Australia. He helps organizations connect more meaningfully with their tribe with a holistic approach to design. His striking Al imagery have gained global attention and have been showcased in renowned publications such as Forbes, Trendhunter, Designboom, Gizmodo, Cool Hunting, and The Guardian. With a deep knowledge of art history, 3D, photography, graphic design and art direction, he has made it easy with well crafted descriptive keywords that help communicate with AI in order to achieve astounding imagery. He shares his prompt secrets. The styles are extremely varied, from sci-fi dreamscapes to line art and 3D rendered playful characters. Cinematic and post-production keywords help the user understand how to generate complex styles with ease.

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