Introduction to AutoCAD 2024: A Modern Perspective

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Название: Introduction to AutoCAD 2024: A Modern Perspective
Автор: Paul Richard
Издательство: Pearson Education
Год: 2024
Страниц: 976
Язык: английский
Формат: epub
Размер: 66.8 MB

Introduction to AutoCAD 2024 addresses advances in technology and introduces students to 2-dimensional drawing skills and commands using the 2024 release of AutoCAD. Straightforward explanations focus on actual drawing procedures, and illustrations show what to expect on the computer screen. It continuously builds on concepts covered in previous chapters, contains exercises combined with in-text notes, and offers examples that provide the how and why of AutoCAD fundamentals.

Projects are included at the end of each chapter and provide hands-on experience creating various types of mechanical, architectural, civil, and electrical drawings. This text is appropriate for introductory and intermediate AutoCAD courses.

Introduces AutoCAD, drafting skills, editing techniques, working with complex objects, annotating drawings, outputting your work, advanced drawing and construction methods, and collaborating with others on the web.

Pedagogy reinforces learning objectives throughout, with chapter objectives; key term definitions; command grids that concisely offer multiple ways of achieving the task at hand; New version icons that highlight new software features quickly; and discipline icons that identify the field of study throughout.

We live in a digital world where the trend in technology is to duplicate reality as much as possible. As time goes on, more and more industries and fields require the use of AutoCAD drafting and design software. AutoCAD has long been, and will remain, the industry standard for generating top-of-the-line CAD drawings in the least amount of time possible. Introduction to AutoCAD 2024: A Modern Perspective offers a complete guide for students and professionals who want to enter the interesting world of computer-aided drafting using AutoCAD. This book covers all aspects of the AutoCAD program’s 2D tools, from the basic concepts to the most powerful tools used in design and engineering.

In this book, you will find an interesting combination of theory and many complex projects and exercises, as well as clear and descriptive illustrations. You will solve real design problems starting from scratch throughout the projects. In addition, many other short exercise sections are included to ensure full comprehension of the commands. Concepts are explained clearly in easy-to-understand language and are accompanied by descriptive illustrations, which will help you to understand each topic and to speed up the learning process. By following the steps in each project, you will see results immediately and will understand the development process as you go along, rather than just entering instructions.

After using this book, you will realize that AutoCAD is the premier software for generating 2D drawings. Its ease of use, combined with its ability to create complex drawings, makes it the first choice among many design and drafting professionals.

Hands-on exercises appear throughout the text to reinforce learning, and end-of-chapter projects require students to demonstrate a full understanding of the concepts presented in the chapter.

Introduction to AutoCAD 2024 provides students with the tools they need to develop drafting skills with AutoCAD.

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