Vegan Holiday Cooking from Candle Cafe

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Название: Vegan Holiday Cooking from Candle Cafe
Автор: Joy Pierson, Angel Ramos. Jorge Pineda
Издательство: Ten Speed Press
Год: 2014
Формат: epub
Страниц: 325
Для сайта:
Размер: 12,02 МБ
Язык: english

This collection of vegan holiday recipes—the first of its kind from award-winning chefs—elevates plant-based fare to a new level. With fresh, inventive menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, Lunar New Year, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentines Day, Passover, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and Independence Day, this cookbook blends favorite traditions with a modern sensibility.
Tantalizing dishes include Sweet Potato Latkes with Almond Cr?me Fra?che for Passover Porcini-Crusted Seitan with Glazed Cipollini Onions and Mushroom Gravy for Thanksgiving and Red, White, and Blue Margaritas for the Fourth of July.
Now home cooks can entertain in the spirit of New York’s premier vegan restaurants, Candle Cafe, Candle 79, and Candle Cafe West. With forewords by Alicia Silverstone and Laura and Woody Harrelson, plus sumptuous photography throughout, this festive cookbook invites vegans and omnivores alike to gather around the holiday table and enjoy.

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