The Ooni Pizza Project

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Название: The Ooni Pizza Project
Автор: Scott Deley
Издательство: Page Street Publishing
ISBN: 164567729X
Год: 2023
Формат: EPUB
Страниц: 192
Размер: 162,0 МБ
Язык: Английский

New York, Detroit and Tonda Romana Style Pizzas at Home Get ready to make flavorful pizza at home with this all-in-one guide to cooking in your new Ooni. Sure to be a hit at any home gathering, now you can use this revolutionary piece of equipment to make and create top-quality pizza at home, sure to rival any and all takeout options. Scott Deley, an official Ooni ambassador, will walk you through everything you need to know with delicious doughs and scrumptious sauce options as well as guidance for oven temperature and maintenance.

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