LPI Security Essentials Study Guide: Exam 020-100

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LPI Security Essentials Study Guide: Exam 020-100Название: LPI Security Essentials Study Guide: Exam 020-100
Автор: David Clinton
Издательство: Sybex
Год: 2023
Страниц: 218
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub
Размер: 13.2 MB

Prepare smarter and faster for the LPI Security Essentials exam.

In LPI Security Essentials Study Guide: Exam 020-100 , veteran Linux server administrator David Clinton delivers an expert tutorial on the major security threats facing computers, networks, connected devices, and IT services, both on-premise and in the cloud. You’ll discover common and effective ways to prevent, mitigate, and respond to security attacks, and validate your ability to use encryption to secure data transferred through a network.

This book is designed to prepare you for the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Security Essentials certification offered by the global standard and career support organization for open-source professionals. Whether you’re preparing for this foundational exam as a steppingstone to the more advanced Security+ certification or as an end in itself, you’ll advance your knowledge of security concepts, encryption, node, device, and storage security, network and service security, and identity and privacy concepts.

Whether you're a team manager, an IT professional, a developer, a data engineer, or even just a regular technology consumer, you'll be both safer and more effective at everything you do if you can understand and apply security best practices. So I encourage you to plan to take and pass the Linux Professional Institute's Security Essentials exam. But whatever your certification goals, you should definitely plan to master the content represented by the objectives. And this book was written to get you there.

Like the certification itself, the content in this LPI Security Essentials Study Guide is platform neutral. That means you can ignore the Linux in the title. Sure, the institute's initial mandate was to enable the broader adoption of the Linux operating system—and they've done a great job at it. But the same smart and highly experienced people who drive the institute's Linux curriculum development are also outstanding security professionals. And their expertise extends to all operating systems and all platform categories. If your equipment speaks binary, it's covered here.

You’ll get:

Techniques and tools you can use immediately in a new role as an IT security professional
Key strategies for digital self-defense, including securing your own devices and making use of IT services
Complimentary access to Sybex’s superior online interactive learning environment and test bank, complete with chapter tests, a practice exam, electronic flashcards, and a glossary of key terms

Perfect for anyone seeking to take the LPI Security Essentials certification exam, LPI Security Essentials Study Guide, Exam 020-100 is a must-have resource for people looking to hit the ground running in a new career focused on information security.


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