Command Line : A Modern Introduction

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Название: Command Line : A Modern Introduction
Автор: Petr Stribny
Издательство: Independently published
Год: 2023
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub
Размер: 10.1 MB

Graphical user interfaces lowered the barrier to using computers for many people and enabled new applications. However, in software development and system administration, Command Line Interfaces (CLIs) are still widely used. Users input text commands individually in a command line interface, often receiving a text output after each executed command. Terminal User Interfaces (TUIs) are used by interactive programs while operating within a text-based terminal. Think of two-pane file managers or text editors that work over the whole terminal screen.

There are many benefits of using the command line:
• We can control systems that don’t have any graphical environment installed, including remote servers, virtual machines, and containers like Docker.
• Programs executed on the command line can be combined so that the output of one program can be the input of another.
• Task automation is built-in thanks to the scripting nature of many shells. No more doing repetitive tasks manually.
• There is a low barrier to creating our own CLI applications. Many utilities for programmers exist only as command-line programs.

There are several text-based shells that we can use, but the most common and useful to know is Bourne Again SHell, known as Bash . It is the shell commonly associated with Linux since it is installed by default on most Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu or Fedora. Another popular shell is Z shell (Zsh), now the default shell on macOS. While Bash is an excellent choice for scripting thanks to its ubiquity, Zsh is used by developers and sysadmins for its interactivity and configurability. Fish shell is also gaining popularity, being designed to be a user-friendly shell with good defaults. However, it is less compatible with the other mentioned shells. Windows operating system also has its shell called PowerShell.

What is inside?

Short and to-the-point explanations of how things work from an experienced software developer.
How to be confident when running things on a command line.
Tips and tricks for efficient command line usage.
Instructions on how to chain commands together, redirect inputs and outputs, and create shell scripts.
Current state-of-the-art applications.
Topics covering account management and permissions, job control, search, text data wrangling, working with HTTP and SSH, configuration.
Compatible instructions for both Bash and Zsh.
Bash Scripting Practices

Who is this for?

Software developers, sysadmins and data scientists.
Anyone who needs to control Linux or BSD systems like personal computers, servers, virtual machines and containers.
For both beginners as well as intermediate users.

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