Zen Doodle Unleashed: Freeform Tangle Art You Can Draw and Color

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Название:Zen Doodle Unleashed: Freeform Tangle Art You Can Draw and Color
Издательство: North Light Books
Автор: Tiffany Lovering
Количес2015тво страниц:128
Формат: epub
Размер:65 Mb

If you're looking for an easy, relaxing outlet for your creativity, you've come to the right place. Zen Doodle Unleashed features the same fun, free and soothing style that has made Tiffany Lovering a YouTube favorite! Express yourself with freeform tangles that are not confined within an outer boundary or "string." Instead, you create abstract patterns that flow and build off each other to fill the whole page. It's almost magical the way simple patterns add up to complex and beautiful results. Plus you'll learn a variety of shading and coloring options to up the wow-factor even more!

Inside you'll find:

4 simple steps you need to build an original freeform tangle from scratch
50 original patterns broken down into easy-to-follow steps including basic, intermediate, advanced, organic and gridline patterns
Cool coloring techniques with permanent markers, colored pencils, oil pastels and watercolor
A cut-out reference booklet of 101 patterns by Tiffany
Simple lettering techniques, different pen strokes for variety and lots more expert advice!

From quick-start basics to inspiration galore, Zen Doodle Unleashed is a liberating guide for beginners and more experienced artists. It's never been easier to get started. But fair warning--once you start, you may find it hard to stop!

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