Version Control with Git: Powerful Tools and Techniques for Collaborative Software Development, 3rd Edition (Final Release)

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Version Control with Git: Powerful Tools and Techniques for Collaborative Software Development, 3rd Edition (Final Release)Название: Version Control with Git: Powerful Tools and Techniques for Collaborative Software Development, 3rd Edition (Final Release)
Автор: Prem Kumar Ponuthorai, Jon Loeliger
Издательство: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Год: 2023
Страниц: 549
Язык: английский
Формат: True/Retail PDF EPUB
Размер: 32.7 MB

Track, branch, merge, and manage code revisions with Git, the free and open source distributed version control system. Through a series of step-by-step tutorials, this practical guide quickly takes you from Git fundamentals to advanced techniques, and provides friendly yet rigorous advice for navigating Git's many functions. You'll learn how to work with everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

In this third edition, authors Prem Kumar Ponuthorai and Jon Loeliger break down Git concepts using a modular approach. You'll start with the basics and fundamental philosophy of Git, followed by intermediate commands to help you efficiently supplement your daily development workflow. Finally, you'll learn advanced Git commands and concepts to understand how Git works under the hood.

Learn how to use Git for real-world development scenarios
Gain insight into Git's common use cases, initial tasks, and basic functions
Use the system for distributed version control
Learn how to manage merges, conflicts, patches, and diffs
Apply advanced techniques such as rebasing, hooks, and ways to handle submodules

Essential Know-How:
Prior experience with any version control system, its aims, and its goals will be a helpful foundation to understand how Git works and to build upon your knowledge as you read this book. You should have some familiarity with using any command-line tool, such as the Unix shell, along with basic knowledge of shell commands, because we use a lot of command-line instructions in the examples and discussions in the book. A general understanding of programming concepts is also a plus.

We developed the examples on the macOS and Ubuntu environments. The examples should work under other platforms such as Debian, Solaris, and Windows (using Git-installed command-line tools, such as Git for Windows), but you can expect slight variations. Some exercises in the examples may require system-level operations that need root access on machines. Naturally, in such situations you should have a clear understanding of the responsibilities of operations that need root access.

Who This Book Is For:
We wrote this book with software engineers (developers, infrastructure engineers, DevOps, etc.) in mind as our primary audience. As such, most of the concepts and examples we use relate to the daily routines and tasks of folks in the software development industry. However, Git is robust enough to track content in areas as varied as data science, graphic design, and book authoring, just to name a few. (Case in point: we used Git as our underlying versioning system to keep track of reviews and edits while writing this book!) Regardless of your title or level of proficiency, if you are using Git as your version control system, you will find value in these pages.

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