Shipping Go (MEAP v8)

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Shipping Go (MEAP v8)Название: Shipping Go (MEAP v8)
Автор: Joel Holmes
Издательство: Manning Publications
Год: 2022
Страниц: 320
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub
Размер: 10.19 MB

You know how to build Go programs—now learn how to ship them to your customers efficiently! This practical guide to continuous delivery shows you how to rapidly establish an automated pipeline that will improve your testing, code quality, and final product.

In Shipping Go you will learn how to:

Develop better software based on feedback from customers
Create a development pipeline that turns feedback into features
Reduce bugs with pipeline automation that validates code before it is deployed
Establish continuous testing for exceptional code quality
Serverless, container based, and server based deployments
Scale your deployment in a cost-effective way
Deliver a culture of continuous improvement

Shipping Go is a hands-on guide to shipping Go-based software. Following examples in the powerful Go programming language, you’ll learn how to establish pipelines that seamlessly ferry your projects through production and deployment. Put the theory of continuous delivery and continuous integration into action, and discover instantly-useful guidance on automating your team’s build and reacting with agility to customer demands.
about the technology
Development pipelines built to the principles of continuous delivery are the best way for code to flow through your organization. A properly functioning pipeline makes it seamless to modify functionality, enhance code quality, and evolve your deployments to meet your customer’s needs.

about the book
Shipping Go: Develop, deliver, discuss, design, and go again shows you how to build pipelines that optimize your development process so you can deliver software seamlessly to production. You’ll dive right in, learning author Joel Holmes’s easy way to establish pipelines. In fact, you’ll set up your first working pipeline before you’re finished with Chapter three!

You’ll quickly move on to advanced enhancements, adding powerful capabilities with deployment strategies, containerization, and automated deployment. See how a well-run pipeline makes it easy to evolve your product without getting bogged down in technical debt and how end-to-end testing regimes keep your code bug free. This book is the perfect guide for anyone aspiring to serious Go development as part of a professional team.

about the reader
For readers who know the basics of the Go language. The book’s principles of continuous delivery can be applied to development with any programming language.

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