Learn Go with Pocket-Sized Projects (MEAP v1)

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Learn Go with Pocket-Sized Projects (MEAP v1)Название: Learn Go with Pocket-Sized Projects (MEAP V01)
Автор: Alienor Latour, Donia Chaiehloudj, Pascal Bertrand
Издательство: Manning Publications
Год: 2022
Страниц: 141
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub, mobi
Размер: 10.08 MB

These small Go projects will build big Go skills! Learn hands-on as you build 11 engaging applications.

In Learn Go with Pocket-Sized Projects you’ll create 11 small applications and tools, including

A currency convertor application
A health tracking app
A load balancer for sharing jobs between workers in the Cloud
An HTML template
A microcontroller-based temperature monitor
…and more!

Learn Go with Pocket-Sized Projects teaches you to write professional-level Go code by creating handy tools and fun apps. Each small, self-contained project introduces important practical skills, including ensuring that your code is thoroughly tested and documented! You’ll make architectural decisions for your projects and organize your code in a maintainable way. Everything you learn is easy to scale-up to full-size Go applications.

about the technology
Go delivers the low-level power of system languages like C and Rust with developer-friendly features like garbage collection and a powerful standard library. Millions of programmers choose Go because it speeds up program construction, streamlines dependency management, and makes complex code simple to write, read, and maintain.

Go is a programming language that was originally designed to solve various problems in large-scale software development in the real world, initially within Google and then for the rest of the business world. It addresses slow program construction, out-of-control dependency management, complexity of code, and difficult cross-language construction. Each language tries to address them in a different way, either by restricting the user or by making it as flexible as possible. Go’s team chose to tackle them by targeting modern engineering. That’s why it comes with a rich tool chain.

The tool chain covers compilation and construction, code formatting, package dependency management, static code inspection, testing, document generation and viewing, performance analysis, language server, run-time program tracking and much more. Being built for concurrency and networked servers explains the fast adoption of the language in software companies of all sizes in the last few years. Additionally, Go is used by a large community of developers, who have been sharing their source code on public platforms, for others to use or be inspired. As developers, we love to share and reuse what other clever people have written.

about the book
In Learn Go with Pocket-Sized Projects you’ll learn some of the most important skills of Go programming, from Go’s unique idiomatic syntax to writing microservices. You’ll develop your Go toolbox with engaging hands-on projects that are fully working and simple to write. Create standalone command-line programs including Wordle-alike games, request data from external APIs, play with the TinyGo compiler for embedded systems, and more. By the time you’re done building, you’ll be able to create standalone, deployable, and scalable applications with ease!

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