Learning C++ (MEAP v3)

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Learning C++ (MEAP v3)Название: Learning C++ (MEAP v3)
Автор: Michael Haephrati, Ruth Haephrati
Издательство: Manning Publications
Год: 2022
Страниц: 201
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub
Размер: 16.7 MB

C++ is a serious programming language for important software. This friendly book makes it easy (and FUN!) to get started as a C++ programmer! Start here, and you’ll quickly be writing code, solving problems, and building real projects.

In Learning C++ you will:

Learn the basic concepts of the C++ language and computer programming
Practice writing real code
Convert an idea to working software
Avoid common errors and mistakes
Benefit from a lot of tips and tricks
Discover new and important features and concepts in C++20

Written for readers with only a beginning knowledge of computer programming, Learning C++ is the perfect way to get started with C++, including the new features of C++20. This engaging book eases the steep learning curve of C++ by using graphics, visual aids, and real-life analogies. Nothing is assumed. Authors Ruth and Michael Haephrati set a gentle pace perfect for easy learning. You’ll discover universal computer science principles that other learning resources often skip over. Start from the absolute basics, and you’ll steadily build strong programming skills step by step.

about the technology
C++ is one of the hardest programming languages to master, but the rewards are well worth it! C++ is fast and scales to projects of any size. It's used for business software, banking, security, and graphics, and it’s the gold standard for professional game development and low-level hardware programming. Plus, now that C++ 20 has helped simplify many of the language's complexities, there’s never been a better time to start learning C++.

about the book
Learning C++ teaches you how to program in C++ with confidence. You’ll begin your journey with the absolute basics, steadily building up your skills with the help of illustrations, flow charts, and lots of reusable code snippets. Michael Haephrati and Ruth Haephrati have over fifty years of experience between them, and have filled this hands-on guide with the kind of tips and tricks you learn from decades of professional programming. As you go, you’ll even get a glimpse beyond the basics with an introduction to next-step topics like multithreading and object-oriented design.

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