Rust Servers, Services, and Apps (MEAP v13)

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Rust Servers, Services, and Apps (MEAP v13)Название: Rust Servers, Services, and Apps (MEAP v13)
Автор: Prabhu Eshwarla
Издательство: Manning Publications
Год: 2023
Страниц: 396
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub
Размер: 10.1 MB

Build backend servers, services, and front-ends in Rust to get fast, reliable, and maintainable applications.

Rust Servers, Services, and Apps teaches you how to build web servers, RESTful services, server-rendered apps, and client front-ends in Rust. You’ll learn to write code with small and predictable resource footprints, and build high-performing applications with unmatched safety and reliability.

Rust is a hot topic right now. It has been named most loved programming language in developer surveys for five consecutive years, and interest is growing among software developers and engineers alike, from both ends of the spectrum: low-level system programmers and higher-level application developers all want to explore and learn Rust. That said, one question that gets asked frequently is whether Rust is really suitable and ready for the web. Most of the learning material available in this space is really introductory in nature, and doesn’t provide a view into how Rust can handle more complex scenarios encountered in web development. In this book, I aim to show you how Rust, in spite of its reputation for being a systems programming language, is really a surprisingly delightful language to build web applications in.

In Rust Servers, Services, and Apps, you’ll learn

Developing database-backed web services in Rust
Building and securing RESTful APIs
Writing server-side web applications in Rust
Measuring and benchmarking web service performance
Packaging and deploying web services
Full-stack Rust applications

About the Technology
The blazingly fast, safe, and efficient Rust language has been voted “most loved” for five consecutive years on the StackOverflow survey. It’s easy to see why. Rust combines all the features of a modern language with the low-latency power of C. Its efficiency will slash your runtime footprint—and your cloud hosting bills—and its flexibility lets you write network programs and high-level applications with equal ease.

About the book
Rust Servers, Services, and Apps is a hands-on guide to developing modern distributed web applications with Rust. You’ll learn how to build efficient services, write custom web servers, and even build full-stack applications end-to-end in Rust.

You’ll start with the foundations, using Rust to build an HTTP server, and RESTful API that you’ll secure, debug, and evolve with fearless refactoring. You’ll then put Rust through its paces to develop a digital storefront service, and a single-page client-side application. This fast-paced book is packed with code samples you can adapt to your own projects, and detailed annotations to help you understand how Rust works under the hood.

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