Key dynamics in computer programming

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Key dynamics in computer programmingНазвание: Key dynamics in computer programming
Автор: Adele Kuzmiakova
Издательство: Arcler Press
Год: 2023
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 21.0 MB

The Key Dynamics in Computer Science gives readers an integrated and rigorous tour into the overall computer architecture, including its hardware and software components. The book takes a refreshing, ground-level approach to allow the students to gain a clear picture of how computers work. Designed and supported with numerous real-world illustrations, the book leads students through 8 chapters that gradually build a basic hardware platform coupled with modern operating system hierarchy from the ground up. Additionally, this volume delved deeper into modern programming languages, including Python and C. All in all, it is a fantastic reference for emerging technical professions and supports them to gain a thorough understanding of the modern computer hardware and software components.

A program is created by first defining a task and then expressing it in a computer language that is appropriate for the application. The specification is then converted into a coded program that can be directly executed by the machine on which the task is to be performed, usually in numerous steps. Machine language refers to the coded program, whereas problem-oriented languages refer to languages that are ideal for original formulation. C, Python, and C++ are only a few of the many problem-solving languages that have been invented.

Computers come with a variety of programs that are meant to help users do jobs and improve system performance. The operating system (OS), which is a collection of programs, is as crucial to the operation of a computer system as its hardware. Current technology allows some operating features to be built into a computer’s central processing unit as fixed programs (introduced by client orders) at the time of production. The operating system may have control over user programs during execution, such as when a time-sharing monitor suspends one program and activates another, or when a user program is begun or terminated, such as when a scheduling software chooses which user program will be executed next. Certain operating-system programs, on the other hand, run as stand-alone modules to make the programming process easier. While translators (assemblers or compilers) convert an entire program from one language to another, interpreters execute a program sequentially. Interpreters translate at each step and debuggers execute a program piecemeal and monitor various circumstances, allowing the program to check whether the program’s operation is correct or not.

This book aims to help the student understand computer programming by presenting the fundamentals of computer hardware and software, computer programs, operating systems, major programming languages, and an introduction to Windows operating systems.

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