What Are Asynchronous APIs?

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Название: What Are Asynchronous APIs? Using the AsyncAPI Standard to Create Event-Driven Solutions
Автор: Mike Amundsen, Ronnie Mitra
Издательство: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Год: 2023-07-26
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub, mobi
Размер: 10.2 MB

As the use of APIs continues to grow, one particular style of APIs—those that are asynchronous—is showing a noticeable increase. In this incisive report, API design experts Mike Amundsen and Ronnie Mitra describe the tools you need to successfully introduce the powerful asynchronous API pattern into your organization. Based on their field experience, Amundsen and Mitra estimate that at least 60% of all API developers will need to incorporate asynchronous interactions into their APIs within the next five years. More applications today offer "instant feedback," push notifications, and streaming data. The key component is support for asynchronous APIs that push notifications and data directly to the client as soon as it's available. This report will help you get started on the basics.

This report gives you all the tools you need to successfully introduce the powerful asynchronous API pattern to your organization. More and more applications today offer “instant feedback,” push notifications, and streaming data. A key component of these systems is support for asynchronous APIs - API calls that don’t rely on the RESTful client-server model but, instead, support servers that push notifications and data directly to the client as soon as it is available. This push-style interaction is at the heart of asynchronous APIs.

What’s Covered in This Report:
The topic of asynchronous APIs is pretty wide, encompassing design, build, deployment, and runtime management challenges. To keep this report short, we’ll be focusing on the basics here and, where appropriate, we’ll recommend other books, blogs, and videos where you can get more in-depth coverage of the topics.
In this report, you will learn:

• What asynchronous APIs are and why they are important
• What the AsyncAPI definition format is and how it is used to design asynchronous services
• What common patterns in asynchronous solutions are
• What the trade-offs are when introducing asynchronous APIs into your infrastructure

Who Should Read This Report:
This report is intended to address the needs of a wide range of readers who are looking for a clear, concise introduction to the world of asynchronous APIs. That includes architects, programmers, system designers, operations staff, and decision makers. Readers should have a basic understanding of API technologies and tooling but do not need to be proficient in order to understand the material.

This report will be handy for anyone who wants to understand the asynchronous interaction pattern for APIs, including how it is different from traditional patterns and the types of use cases it unlocks. We’ll help you learn:

• How to design sustainable, safe, high-performance asynchronous APIs
• The role of the AsyncAPI specification and how to use it
• How to understand the trade-offs of an event-driven system versus others

Whether you are an application designer, frontline developer, software architect, or working in a supportive tech leadership role, this report can help you understand the basics of asynchronous APIs and how you can use them to meet your organization’s goals.

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