Tao of React: Beginner to Intermediate Guide to Mastering Design Patterns

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Название: Tao of React: Beginner to Intermediate Guide to Mastering Design Patterns — 80+ Principles for Building Extensible, Testable, and Maintainable React.js Applications
Автор: Alex Kondov
Издательство: Independently published
Год: 2023
Страниц: 175
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, djvu
Размер: 10.1 MB

Are you familiar with the basics of React but eager to delve deeper? The "Tao of React" is not just another React 101 guide; it builds upon core concepts, helping you form the right principles to master React development. This book is your pathway to understanding the nuances of application structure, component design, testing, and performance, guiding you to build better React.js applications grounded in over 80 proven rules and guidelines.

What sets this book apart?

Principle-Based Learning: Each chapter is grounded in principles that elucidate good practices, accompanied by practical examples to facilitate a hands-on learning experience.
Beyond the Basics: This book goes a step further than others, guiding you on how to use foundational knowledge to build applications that are extensible, testable, and maintainable.

Dive Deep into Four Core Areas:

1. Architecture: Grasp high-level concepts and decisions that foster a modular and extensible codebase. Learn the art of structuring a project, managing duplication, and handling business logic to build robust applications.

2. Component Design: Delve into the nuances of component rules that dictate how to name, organize, and design components effectively, ensuring a solid foundation for your applications.

3. Testing: Understand the pivotal principles of testing that maintain quality and stability as your application evolves, safeguarding your project's longevity.

4. Performance: Learn the core performance principles vital in the development process to ensure your application runs swiftly, providing a seamless user experience.

Nowadays React powers thousands of applications and has a great community behind it. Itʼs proven to be a reliable tool to build feature-rich UIs with. As the demand for React developers grows, there are still conflicting ideas about how the technology should be put to use.

There are so many amazing courses and books that can teach you the fundamentals. The syntax, state management, passing props, hooks, and all the rest. You can start with zero knowledge and finish with a portfolio of projects to showcase. A simple Google search will reward you with many pages filled with quality content on those topics. So why have I written this book then?

Most available materials will teach you the little pieces. But the content that shows you how to put them together is still scarce. There arenʼt enough materials on project architecture and software design. React suffers from the lack of a golden path. There are multiple ways to achieve the same outcome and while this gives freedom it can also be confusing. So where do you go once youʼve covered the fundamentals?

Throughout the years Iʼve had both successful and not-so-successful projects. Some were well-organized others were a nightmare to maintain. Trial, error, and advice from great people helped me form a set of principles. This book is a collection of them.

Every React developer must know a few things about structuring a project, designing components, and common anti-patterns. You will learn a lot of things the hard way when you start building applications. I know I did. I want to save you some time and let you learn them at my expense.

Tao of React holds all the rules and guidelines that Iʼve followed to build extensible projects that one can work on productively. Each rule specified in the book has proven to be effective in my practice. Some of them may have better alternatives based on the domain, but in all cases, they will have a positive effect on your codebase. Put simply - you wonʼt be wrong if you follow them.

Who is this book for?

React developers at the beginner to intermediate level looking to advance their skills.
Self-taught developers eager to learn the best practices in React development.
Teams aiming to standardize their React development process with proven principles.

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