Designing Microservices (MEAP v5)

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Название: Designing Microservices (MEAP v5)
Автор: S. Ramesh
Издательство: Manning Publications
Год: 2023
Страниц: 251
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub
Размер: 10.1 MB

Start your microservices projects right! Choosing the best design patterns, tools, deployment strategies, and team structure will maximize innovation, agility, time to market, and reliability.

In Designing Microservices you will learn:
Lightweight tools for responsibility mapping, DDD, and bounded contexts
API strategies, including REST, event-driven, GraphQL, RPC, and hybrid API approaches
Microservice UI design, including micro frontends, frontend for backend, chat and voice interfaces
Managing transactions spanning multiple microservices
A holistic view of the data in your system
Securing, monitoring, and testing your microservices
Refactoring to microservices with minimal downtime
Avoiding antipatterns

In Designing Microservices you’ll learn an elegant approach to microservices architecture that’s based on the principles of loose coupling, high cohesion, and isolation. Created by award-winning microservices veteran S. Ramesh, this cutting-edge method has been proven and tested in high-stakes enterprise environments.

This practical and approachable book covers the design challenges you’re most likely to encounter, alongside patterns and components to solve each problem. You’ll even learn strategies for selecting and equipping teams for maximum productivity.

about the technology
Microservices designs allow individual components to be built and deployed as independent, single-purpose applications, each with its own data store. This approach can deliver business agility and software reliability, or it can easily flop without careful attention to APIs, communication, and cross-service concerns like transactions, state, and long-term maintenance.

about the book
Designing Microservices teaches a reliable and repeatable design process to ensure you’re always getting the results you want from microservices. It introduces a lightweight DDD-inspired design tool that simplifies the modeling of your architecture that will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s worked with UML and responsibility mapping.

You’ll learn to handle multi-faced commits across microservices, to refactor and deploy legacy apps without service downtime, and how to manage service patterns like consumer driven contracts. Easy-to-grok illustrations and explanations cut through the buzzwords and offer clear solutions for analytics, monitoring, testing, and more.

about the reader
For software architects, managers, analysts, and developers of all skill levels. No previous experience building microservices required.

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