Inside AI: Over 150 billion purchases per year use this author's AI

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Название: Inside AI: Over 150 billion purchases per year use this author's AI
Автор: Akli Adjaoute
Издательство: Manning Publications
Год: 2024
Страниц: 216
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 30.4 MB

Separate the AI facts from the AI fiction, and discover how you can best put these tools to work in your organization.

In Inside AI AI professor and entrepreneur Dr. Akli Adjaoute puts AI in perspective, with informed insights from 30 years spent in the field. His book lays out a pragmatic blueprint that every leader can utilize to drive innovation with Artificial Intelligence.

In Inside AI you'll learn how to:
Gain insight into diverse AI techniques and methodologies
Learn from both successful and failed AI applications
Identify the capabilities and limitations of AI systems
Understand successful and failed uses of AI in business
See where human cognition still exceeds AI
Bust common myths like AI's threat to jobs and civilization
Manage AI projects effectively

Inside AI takes you on a journey through Artificial Intelligence, from AI's origins in traditional expert systems all the way to deep learning and Large Language Models. There's no hype here—you'll get the grounded, evidence-based insights that are vital for making strategic decisions and preparing your business for the future.

About the technology

Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts promise everything from human-like collaboration on everyday tasks to the end of work as we know it. Is AI just a flash in the pan, or can it really transform how you do business? This intriguing book sifts through the hype and separates the truth from the myths, with clear advice on what AI can—and can't—achieve.

About the book

Inside AI provides a clear-headed overview of modern Artificial Intelligence, including the recent advances of Generative AI and Large Language Models. Its accessible and jargon-free explanations of leading AI techniques showcase how AI delivers tangible advantages to businesses. Both inspiring and practical, this book provides a proven framework for developing successful AI applications.

Embark on an extensive exploration of the field of Artificial Intelligence within the 11 chapters of this insightful book. The journey begins with an introduction to fundamental principles, encompassing algorithms and programming languages, laying a solid foundation for understanding AI. Moving beyond, chapters 2 to 4 explore various AI techniques, covering expert systems, business rules, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, case-based reasoning, classical neural networks, Deep Learning, Bayesian networks, unsupervised learning, and smart agents. Chapters 5 and 6 shift focus to the advancements in generative AI and the comparison between human cognition and artificial intelligence. Subsequent chapters tackle diverse topics, including the limitations of AI, its impact on human jobs, and a critical examination of technological singularity. The book concludes with valuable insights from past AI projects, providing guidance for future endeavors and a visionary perspective on the next generation of AI platforms. Additionally, an insightful appendix complements the narrative by exploring the historical evolution of AI technology. Each chapter offers a unique lens into the multifaceted landscape of AI, making this book an essential read for both enthusiasts and those seeking a deeper understanding of this transformative field.

What's inside
Insights from successful and failed AI applications
A survey of AI techniques and methodologies
Bust common AI myths
Manage AI projects effectively

About the reader:
This book is a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in learning about Artificial Intelligence, an ever-evolving field that profoundly shapes our future, influencing how we learn, work, and live.

“There are many books written on AI, but few that actually give readers a framework for how to think about AI and its transformational impact on everyone in the world. This is that book. It is powerful in its simplicity and admirable for its accessibility—the kind of book that will have readers posting sticky notes and highlighting passages throughout to refer to, again and again.” —Karen Webster, CEO, PYMNTS


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