Python Essentials For Dummies

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Название: Python Essentials For Dummies
Автор: John C. Shovic, Alan Simpson
Издательство: For Dummies
Год: 2024
Страниц: 195
Язык: английский
Формат: True PDF, True/Retail EPUB
Размер: 12.6 MB

The no-nonsense way to get started coding in the Python programming language.

Python Essentials For Dummies is a quick reference to all the core concepts in Python, the multifaceted general-purpose language used for everything from building websites to creating apps. This book gets right to the point, with no excess review, wordy explanations, or fluff, making it perfect as a desk reference on the job or as a brush-up as you expand your skills in related areas. Focusing on just the essential topics you need to know to brush up or level up your Python skill, this is the reliable little book you can always turn to for answers.

The Python language is becoming more and more popular, and in 2017 it became the most popular language in the world according to IEEE Spectrum. The power of Python is real. Python is the number-one language because it’s easy to learn and use, due partly to its simplified syntax and natural-language flow but also to the amazing user community and the breadth of applications available.

This book is a reference manual to guide you through the process of learning the essentials of Python. If you’re looking to learn a little about a lot of exciting things, this is the book for you. It gives you an introduction to the topics that you’ll need to explore more deeply. This is a hands-on book, with examples and code throughout. You’ll enter the code, run it, and then modify it to do what you want. In this book, we take you through the basics of the Python language in small, easy-to-understand steps.

You can start the book anywhere, but here are a couple of hints. If you’re brand-new to Python, start with Chapter If you already have some Python experience and you want to learn how to work with bigger chunks of code, head to Chapter For anything else, turn to the Table of Contents or the Index and you’ll find what you need.


Looking at simple code examples and explanations
Getting the fundamentals of programming
Understanding Python syntax
Building games and apps
Automating routine tasks
Using Python for the web
Building upon the basics

Because you’re reading this chapter, you probably realize that Python is a great language to know if you’re looking for a good job in programming, or if you want to expand your existing programming skills into exciting cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data science, or robotics, or even if you’re just building apps in general. So we’re not going to try to sell you on Python. It sells itself.

Our approach leans heavily toward the hands-on. A common failure in many programming tutorials is that they already assume you’re a professional programmer in some language, and they skip over things they assume you already know.

This book is different in that we don’t assume that you’re already programming in Python or some other language. We do assume that you can use a computer and understand basics such as files and folders.

Get a quick and thorough intro to the basic concepts of coding in Python
Review what you've already learned or pick up essential new skills
Create websites, software, machine learning, and automation for school or work
Keep this concise reference book handy for jogging your memory as you code

This portable Dummies Essentials book focuses on the key topics you need to know about the popular Python language. Great for supplementing a course, reviewing for a certification, or staying knowledgeable on the job.

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