A Field Guide to Lies Deluxe

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Название: A Field Guide to Lies Deluxe
Автор: Daniel J. Levitin
Издательство: Dutton
Год: 2016
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 257,6 Мб
Язык: английский / English

This deluxe eBook features six videos from Daniel Levitin, with more examples, anecdotes, and added visual guides.

We are bombarded with more information each day than our brains can process—especially in election season. It's raining bad data, half-truths, and even outright lies. New York Times bestselling author Daniel J. Levitin shows how to recognize misleading announcements, statistics, graphs, and written reports revealing the ways lying weasels can use them.

It's becoming harder to separate the wheat from the digital chaff. How do we distinguish misinformation, pseudo-facts, distortions, and outright lies from reliable information? Levitin groups his field guide into two categories—statistical infomation and faulty arguments—ultimately showing how science is the bedrock of critical thinking.

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