Drawn in

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Drawn in
Название: Drawn in
Автор: Julia Rothman
Издательство: Digital edition published
Год: 2011
Формат: Pdf
Размер: 28.88 Mb
Язык: Eng
Количество страниц: 156

While recently riding on a very crowded subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan, 1 noticed an artist who was sketching me as he leaned against the back wall of the subway car. Holding steady his small sketchbook, he scrawled rapidly in pencil. We made eye contact. I may have blushed. He quickly looked away, pretending he hadn’t been drawing me. Л few minutes later, I noticed he was sketching a woman sitting across from me. As the door opened at my subway stop, I made my way through the passengers and squeezed behind the artist hoping to peek into his book. I was curious to sec how he had portrayed us. Unfortunately, that proved impossible, and so I never had a glimpse.
It is regrettable that the personal art work that sketchbooks contain arc rarely made public. Within sketchbook pages, one can trace the development of an artists process,style,and personality. Sketches emit a freshness and vitality because they are the first thoughts and arc often not reworked. Raw ideas and small sketches are the seeds for bigger projects. Sketchbooks ultimately become the records of artists’ lives. They are documented visual diaries.

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