Understanding and Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controllers

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Название: Understanding and Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controllers
Автор: Simone Arena, Francisco Sedano Crippa, Nicolas Darchis, Sudha Katgeri
Издательство: Cisco Press
Год: 2023
Страниц: 656
Размер: 81.43 МБ
Формат: EPUB
Язык: English

As wireless networks, applications, and services rapidly evolve, they grow increasingly business critical, with steeper requirements for performance, latency, deployment density, and device support. The advanced Catalyst 9800 wireless controllers from Cisco meet these challenges, delivering exceptional adaptability, security, performance, scalability, and programmability. Based on the modern and secure Cisco IOS XE operating system, their support for Cisco intent-based networking will help you continually leverage new innovation.
Now, four Cisco experts offer end-to-end guidance, practical tips, and proven recommendations for designing, deploying, and managing wireless networks with the Catalyst 9800. For technical decision makers, this guide delivers a deep understanding of Catalyst 9800 hardware and software, tightly linked to business value. Architects will find essential details for both upfront network design and feature implementation. Network operators and other IT professionals will discover tested tools and methods for reliable and efficient setup, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Whatever your role, this guide will help you maximize the value of any Catalyst 9800 network, and serve as your indispensable reference for years to come.

Understand Catalyst 9800 benefits, capabilities, roles, and architecture
Learn the new C9800 Configuration Model, with key design considerations and best practices
Deploy and configure the C9800 in private and public clouds
Systematically secure the C9800: from AAA and ACLs to rogue detection and wireless intrusion prevention (WIPS)
Establish and optimize seamless client roaming in enterprise environments
Learn how the C9800 implements key RF concepts
Plan and implement an end-to-end architecture for QoS, and design/ deploy for high availability and network services like multicast
Discover value-added wireless services available through Cisco DNA Spaces
Drive agility and value via network programmability with YANG, Python, RESTCONF, and NETCONF
Make the most out of the rich data models of Model-Driven Telemetry and Programmability using open-source tools
Walk through wireless network troubleshooting, backup/restore, and upgrades

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