IoT-enabled Sensor Networks: Architecture, Methodologies, Security, and Futuristic Applications

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Название: IoT-enabled Sensor Networks: Architecture, Methodologies, Security, and Futuristic Applications
Автор: Samayveer Singh, Manju, Aruna Malik
Издательство: Bentham Books
Серия: Advances in Computing Communications and Informatics
Год: 2024
Страниц: 142
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 26.8 MB

This volume explores IoT architectures, their configuration, and operability in wireless sensor networks.

The topics are spread across nine structured chapters covering fundamental and applied knowledge about wireless sensor networks using IoT devices. The book starts with an introduction to the subject, giving readers a quick overview of IoT enabled networks and bio-inspired approaches towards network design. This is followed by chapters explaining optimized routing protocols for accident detection, efficiency and performance analysis. The book concludes with four chapters dedicated to security applications of wireless networks, for homes, urban areas and businesses. Overall, the volume gives a balance of theoretical and practical information for readers.

The Internet of Things (IoT) significantly broadens the use of information technology by fusing the physical and digital worlds. The third wave of the IT industry revolution is currently being led by futuristic device-based networking. As equipment becomes more digitalized and interconnected, networks between machines, people, and the Internet are formed. This results in the development of new ecosystems that allow for increased productivity, improved energy efficiency, and increased profitability. Sensors help to recognize the state of things, by which they gain the advantage of anticipating human needs based on the information collected per context. These sophisticated devices can make decisions on their own without human assistance in addition to gathering information from their surroundings.

We can turn on the lights in our homes from a desk in an office miles away. The built-in cameras and sensors embedded in our refrigerator let us easily keep tabs on what is present on the shelves, and when an item is close to expiration. When we get home, the thermostat has already adjusted the temperature so that it’s lukewarm or brisk, depending on our preference. These are merely a few of the millions of Internet of Things (IoT) frameworks in use these days. IoT has redefined the way we interact, communicate, and go about our daily work. From homes to maintenance to cities, the IoT ecosystem of devices is making our world smarter and more efficient. In this guide, we'll discuss everything you need to know about IoT, a world where more and more things are connected.

Chapters 1 and 2 of this book discuss in-depth the challenges, applications, and recent advances in the field of IoT. Chapters 3 to 5 have discussed various approaches to IoT implementation in different niches, along with an analysis of IoT-enabled wireless sensor networks. Chapters 6 and 9 provide information about recent technologies to mitigate security issues in IoT networks.

The book is intended as a resource for graduate and postgraduate students for understanding network design for home and embedded applications, specifically using single board computing devices. It also serves as a guide for networking courses and assessments.

Graduate and post graduate students and faculty members in the field of networking and IoT.

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