4D Printing 2: Between Science and Technology

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4D Printing 2: Between Science and TechnologyНазвание: 4D Printing 2: Between Science and Technology
Автор: Frederic Demoly, Jean-Claude Andre
Издательство: Wiley-ISTE
Год: 2022
Страниц: 321
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub
Размер: 29.6 MB

Who hasn’t dreamed of seeing matter transformed in a way that suits you? This is the goal of 4D printing, using materials that can change in terms of shape and property under the effect of energy stimulation. From the description of the actions and actuators, the authors show the weaknesses that limit the industrialization of 4D printing processes; these are the modes of energy stimulation.

To prepare for the future, two chapters are introduced: “Material-Process Duality in Industrial 4D Printing” and “How to Approach 4D Printing in Design”. If the capture and reuse of 4D printing knowledge is necessary for this objective, the conclusion leaves the existing myth around the 4D printing theme and proposes a “draft” roadmap that should be the subject of reflection and scientific debate on a concept that is still immature, but full of promise.

The fourth dimension is that of time, and the question we face is that of producing, in additive manufacturing, objects capable of changing shape or function over time. In old and simplified terms, we could say that it is a question of using shape memory materials or materials that can be deformed under the effect of external, thermal, photochemical, mechanical or electromagnetic disturbances in 3D printing. Biomaterials are also included in 4D, whether they are biocompatible or living materials, the latter being referred to as bio-printing. This important theme is hardly if at all developed considering the 4D field seems to be so important in its future achievements.

This book covers several aspects. First, it can be read as a classic science book that explains the state of the art and tells us everything there is to know and everything that is being done in 4D printing. Then, it goes through all the problems that arise for the designers of artifacts in the field: mechanical problems, material problems, choice of applications and industrial problems. Finally, this book can be read like an adventure novel. Indeed, it follows the research adventure step by step; the difficulties, the obstacles and the facilitators (or even the impediments to straight thinking) that researchers encounter on their way. It encourages reflection on creativity in research and the role of breakthrough innovations.

From this book, the reader will not only learn everything there is to know about 4D, the state of the art, materials, applications, developments and problems, but will also understand how research progresses between incremental development, creativity and disruption. It is a whole world, full of reflections on science and its epistemology in relation to creativity and innovation, which is revealed to readers by two great researchers, pioneers of additive manufacturing in all its dimensions.

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