Nitrogen-Rich Energetic Materials

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Название: Nitrogen-Rich Energetic Materials
Автор: Gozin M., Fershtat L.L.
Издательство: WILEY-VCH GmbH
Страниц: 446
Размер: 10,7 МБ
Язык: English

Nitrogen-Rich Energetic Materials Provides in-depth and comprehensive knowledge on both the chemistry and practical applications of nitrogen-rich energetic materials
Energetic materials, a class of material with high amounts of stored chemical energy, include explosives, pyrotechnics, and propellants. Initially used for military applications, nitrogen-rich energetic materials have become important in the civil engineering and aerospace sectors, they are increasingly used in commercial mining and construction as well as in rocket propulsion. Making these nitrogen-rich energetic materials safer, more powerful, and more cost-effective requires a thorough understanding of their chemistry, physics, synthesis, properties, and applications.
Nitrogen-Rich Energetic Materials presents a detailed summary of the development of nitrogen-rich energetic materials over the past decade and provides up-to-date knowledge on their applications in various areas of advanced engineering. Edited by a panel of international experts in the field, this book examines the chemistry of pentazoles, fused ring and laser ignitable nitrogen-rich compounds, polynitrogen and tetrazole-based energetic compounds, and more. The text also introduces applications of nitrogen-rich energetic materials in energetic polymers and metal-organic frameworks, as pyrotechnics materials for light and smoke, and in oxadiazoles from precursor molecules.
This authoritative volume:
Presents in-depth chapters written by leading experts in each sub-field covered
Offers a systematic introduction to new and emerging applications of nitrogen-rich energetic materials such as in computational chemistry
Discusses recent advances in nitrate ester chemistry with focus on propellant applications
Discusses green and eco-friendly approaches to nitrogen-rich compounds
Nitrogen-Rich Energetic Materials is an important resource for researchers, academics, and industry professionals across fields, including explosives specialists, pyrotechnicians, materials scientists, polymer chemists, laser specialists, physical chemists, environmental chemists, chemical engineers, and safety officers.

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