Electrical Systems and Mechatronics 2nd Edition

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Electrical Systems and Mechatronics 2nd EditionНазвание: Electrical Systems and Mechatronics 2nd Edition
Автор: Michael Hilgers
Издательство: Springer
Год: 2023
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub
Размер: 13.4 MB

The aim of this work, consisting of 9 individual, self-contained booklets, is to describe commercial vehicle technology in a way that is clear, concise and illustrative. Compact and easy to understand, it provides an overview of the technology that goes into modern commercial vehicles. Starting from the customer's fundamental requirements, the characteristics and systems that define the design of the vehicles are presented knowledgeably in a series of articles, each of which can be read and studied on their own. This volume, Electrical Systems and Mechatronics, offers an introduction to the mechatronics in a commercial vehicle. The electrical and electronic systems are presented, up to and including the advanced driver assistance systems. The compressed air system and the commercial vehicle brake are explained to give the reader a comprehensive overview, such as is helpful for understanding in training and in practice.

The importance of electronics will continue to grow in the future, but the absolute number of electronic control units (ECUs) probably won’t. Due to the constraints of space requirements, complicated wiring, etc., the number of actual ECUs will not increase at all, or will only increase very slowly. Instead, the performance capability of each individual ECU will continue to increase, as it has done in the past. In addition, ECU functionality will be devolved to the sensors and actuators, which are already referred to widely as intelligent sensors and actuators.

In the following sections, first the electrical infrastructure of the vehicle will be explained; then the mechatronic systems in a commercial vehicle will be described. Many components of the vehicle that are typically discussed under other headings can now quite legitimately be understood as mechatronic systems. For example, strictly speaking the hybrid, the start-stop function, the automated gearbox and even the engine itself are by definition mechatronic systems. But here we will apply the term as it is understood in everyday language in which the term mechatronics serves as a catch-all for the vehicle’s electronic data processing (EDP) infrastructure, the brake system, electronic brake and chassis systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) up to autonomous driving and infotainment. The electric drivetrain, which by definition qualifies as a mechatronic system as well, is not included into the narrow definition of mechatronics used here. For the electric drivetrain see other books e.g.


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