Small Electric Vehicles

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Small Electric VehiclesНазвание: Small Electric Vehicles
Автор: Mukesh Pandey
Издательство: Arcler Press
Год: 2023
Страниц: 264
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 17.7 MB

The needs of different drivers can be accommodated in the plug-in electric vehicles (EVs or electric cars) currently available in the market in a manner similar to the conventional vehicles which had varied kinds of technology available to them. This book takes the readers through various aspects and various types of electric vehicles. This book sheds light on the several characteristics of electric vehicles, battery, flywheels, capacitors, electric fuel, electric vehicle modeling and design considerations. This book has been designed to suit the knowledge and pursuit of the researcher and scholars and to empower them with various aspects, application, future, and trends of electric vehicles, so that they are updated with the information.

The 1st chapter stresses on the basic overview of the electric vehicles so that the readers are clear about the various types of electric vehicles and their applications that form the utmost basics in the field. This chapter will also emphasize the application of EVs in microgrid, comparison of the LCC of different EV models, and current challenges and problems in EV.

The 2nd chapter takes the readers through the concepts of battery, flywheels, and supercapacitors. This chapter will provide highlights on the use of batteries in hybrid vehicles, the modeling of batteries, existing applications of flywheel batteries, energy management of the EV.

Then, the 3rd chapter explains the modeling and simulation for electric vehicle applications. It also explains the simulation in the loop of electric vehicles. This chapter also sheds light on the status and trends of power semiconductor module packaging for electric vehicles.

The 4th chapter introduces the readers to the electric fuel and its application in the EVs. This chapter also explains the working of fuel cells (FCs), various parts of fuel cells, the significance of hydrogen fuel cells, and various facts about hydrogen and its fuel cells that have been used in EVs.

The 8th chapter of this book sheds light on the new trends in electric powertrains. This chapter also mentions about the model-based design for electric vehicles, adaptive controls for estimating insulation resistance, the application of x-by-wire technology in EV in braking and steering.

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